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** I am continuing to see clients during this period via teletherapy

Sessions via video or phone. The technology is easy to use, no experience required. BCBS, Aetna accepted.

Struggling to manage your life? Just had a major life change? Want to find more purpose?

Men's Counseling

Just became a dad or planning to be one? Looking to change careers? Transitioning from college into the work world? Crossing the bridge from one stage of life into another is tough! It’s important to know that whatever you’re struggling with (and we’re all struggling with something), you are not alone.  My job is to listen, offer compassion, reassurance, a new perspective, and tools to help you feel more empowered to meet the challenges in your life. Acceptance is the bedrock of my counseling style. It’s important for you to feel that you can share without fear of judgment. Having a guide to help you through life’s difficult transitions can be invaluable.

Anxious about performance?  Feeling a lack of confidence? Want to reclaim the joy in sports?

Sports Counseling

The love of playing sports often fades – replaced by fear of failing, self-doubt, and one’s self-esteem being wrapped up in athletic performance. It’s difficult to enjoy an activity, let alone perform well, when negative tapes are playing through your mind.The limiting beliefs that we run into on the court, field, rink or track often mirror the ones  we encounter in everyday life. Sports is an amazing platform to examine these challenges, find tools to overcome them and enjoy more freedom in your sport and your life.  Whether your goal is peak performance, overcoming a specific challenge (hitting slump) or increased enjoyment, sports counseling can help.

Overwhelmed by college search? Anxiety about SAT? Want to maximize your college potential?

College Counseling

There are so many schools, how do I find the best fit? How will my learning disability effect my preparation for the SAT or ACT? Are grades, test scores or extracurricular activities most important?  The college search can be overwhelming! I can help you navigate all of the steps in this process and help you find a school that you feel good about. I have tutored hundreds of high school students over the course of the last 15 years to help them prepare for the SAT and ACT.  Time management, confidence, test anxiety, lack of foundational math knowledge, and learning disabilities that affect reading comprehension are all aspects of the test that we will address.