You can have happiness & success!

You don’t have to choose.

Therapy for Athletes and Entrepreneurs

You started out full of energy, optimism, and passion

But now you...

-Feel burned out, tired, and overwhelmed

-Have so many roles that you don’t feel you’re doing any of them well

-Notice your relationships suffering as well as your health

-Feel unfocused, foggy, like you’re just spinning your wheels

-Are afraid of failing, letting yourself and your family down, which causes you to work harder, perpetuating the cycle…


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You can have success AND a happy, fulfilling life!

Here's how...

Discover the internal challenges that keep you stuck in these patterns

Get clear on your WHY and tap back into your sense of purpose

Multiply your momentum through new habits that create new patterns

Get your time back by being organized, prioritizing, & setting boundaries

Improve your communication which will improve all aspects of your life

Lead with your strengths! Identify what you’re gifts are & use them daily!

Identify your major stressors and implement strategies to manage them

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You deserve success AND happiness!

"But....", you might be saying,

“I’m already overextended. I don’t have time!”

The sense of not enough time is the exact challenge I can help you with!

“I’m already strapped for cash. I can’t afford another expense.”

Invest in your yourself and you & your endeavors will thrive. It will payoff!

“I’m not sure I feel comfortable going to a therapist”

You are in charge of what you share. It’s my job to create a comfortable environment. One of my strengths is helping people feel at ease.

“Everything you’re saying makes sense but I need to be ticking things off my list not talking with someone!”

This is the catch-22 that many driven people get into. It’s invaluable to take a step back and make a plan. It leads to efficient, purposeful action.

“I don’t have the space to take on something new!”

Consider this a chance to reset, a retreat from your life to reflect, re-prioritize and come back energized and focused!

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Struggling to manage your business and your life? Signs of burnout all around you? Overwhelmed?

Business Counseling

 Just starting a business or planning to start one? Being an entrepreneur is tough! Many Entrepreneurs feel they have to rely on themselves and “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” when things get tough. It’s important to know that you are not alone. My job is to help you: find balance with your business and your life, clarify what the most important priorities are and how to make time for them, reconnect with your purpose and passion. Overcome the internal hurdles that are holding you back from being really successful! Multiply your momentum, reclaim your time, and lead with your strengths! Having a guide to help you on this entrepreneurial journey is invaluable.

Anxiety about Standardized Tests? Want your score to reflect you? How to maximize your college potential?

College Counseling

The SAT and ACT can be overwhelming, intimidating, and frustrating (why do I have do take this!). One thing I hear a lot from many students is that their score doesn’t reflect their intelligence/ability. This can be demoralizing and can inspire feelings of insecurity. I can help you get closer to that score that accurately reflects you! I have tutored hundreds of high school students over the course of the last 18 years to help them prepare for the SAT and ACT.  Time management, confidence, test anxiety, lack of foundational math knowledge, and learning disabilities that affect reading comprehension are all aspects of the test that we will address.

Anxious about performance?  Feeling a lack of confidence? Want to reclaim the joy in sports?

Sports Counseling

The love of playing sports often fades – replaced by fear of failing, self-doubt, and one’s self-esteem being wrapped up in athletic performance. It’s difficult to enjoy an activity, let alone perform well, when negative tapes are playing through your mind.The limiting beliefs that we run into on the court, field, rink or track often mirror the ones  we encounter in everyday life. Sports is an amazing platform to examine these challenges, find tools to overcome them and enjoy more freedom in your sport and your life.  Whether your goal is peak performance, overcoming a specific challenge (hitting slump) or increased enjoyment, sports counseling can help.